Comic Review:Trespasser by Alterna Comics

Next Alterna Review.

Here is something I didn’t expect, to do another Alterna Comics review.

This time, I’ll be reviewing the Original Graphic Novel of Trespasser, to which I’ll review the 1st chapter.

To start off, I want to say how much I enjoy not just the cover art in this, also the internal art in this book, it’s a big hop, skip & jump from the last one I reviewed from Alterna Comics.

In the 1st chapter of this Graphic Novel, we see a Dad & Daughter in their Home Ranch on some Farmland, the art seems to give the impression, that his daughter has a lazy eye & possibly a disability.

Whilst he leaves his Daughter at home, as he goes out Hunting for food on his property, he encounters a strange visitor, wearing a space suit of some sought, he has him drop his weapon & brings him back home.

The visitors stay is short lived for the 1st chapter, as only so much is revealed.



Big Thanks to my LCS getting this in for me & to the makers through Alterna Comics who put this together.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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