Comic Review:Catwoman #1

Copycats Part 1.

To start off, this is the 1st time, I have actually read a Joelle Jones comic book, which leaves me open & raw to share what I feel about the story & artwork, also to add a new experience to enjoy.

As I begin to read through the 1st few pages & panels of Catwoman, we see a Catwoman with a Gun, just it isn’t Selina Kyle as we see Selina in a room with some prominent people of influence.

As she makes her way out of the building, she encounters some police, who want to arrest her, then she makes her escape.

The feeling I get in this issue, its like a cat & mouse game, to where the Cat Selina, needs to find out which mouse is setting her up for something she is innocent of.

Moving forward within the story, we meet her antagonist, where her whole face, is a bit of a disguise.

The art seems to play a real important role in this story, addressing a hard emotional & physical time for Catwoman, and also the mystery around who the copycat Catwoman is in the story.



Big Thanks to my LCS & to Joelle Jones of DC Comics.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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