Comic News: WTF Batman #50 spoilers before the New Comic Book Day Release.


News of Local Comic Stores Angry over Spoilers released before New Comic Book Day, along with Customers & Fans of having The New York Times posting Spoilers on an article.

The Victims in this Spoiler release.

  1. The Writers & Artists who aren’t involved in Tom Kings Batman run, who work within DC.
  2. The Local Comic Store retailers, who are may end up being another statistic of Comic Store which could end up closing down, because they don’t have a big customer support base.
  3. The Customers themselves who may have personally enjoy the Tom King run on Batman & feel cheated of the experience.

As a Customer & Writer of reviews on The Rainbow Press, I also encourage the support of your Local Comic Store, because of a Spoiler getting out, it has done damage to Local Comic Stores, depending where you are in the world.

It is upsetting to see a person drop the whole 1 company or another because of something, The New York Times did, which is as low as Rich Johnston on his articles.

It is why when I share my reviews of comics online, I personally choose not to do what the New York Times did, or even Bleeding Cool, as to where they will show panels.

It is my respect of that intellectual property & it is left up to me, to relay what I understood of the story to the person reading my review.

Where some people may choose to show panels even via YouTube or similar media platform, I choose not to.

The Stain of Accountability:Who is responsible?

  1. The New York Times
  2. Tom King

Starting with the New York Times, this is how they are responsible, The editor let the writer of the article get away with the Spoiler in the title, as it would be no different if I placed a spoiler in any titles of my reviews, in that alone, I would be responsible on a personal level, in the writers case from the NYT, he is also in violation of any materiel related to DC being leaked, whether with or without their permission, as this now harms The Local Comic Stores now affected by people turning down their orders & losing money.

Onto Tom King, seeing Tom King who would be contracted to only 100 issues of the Batman run he is presently working on & any shady practices, he may have been taught within his years, now puts him in the spotlight, even if he does attempt to play the Victim card, sorry, it ain’t cutting it with me.

Negatives in this event:Oh Shit.

  • When people choose to Lump 1 persons misdeeds within the Whole of the Company eg. DC/Marvel/Image etc.
  • The Stores who lost money on orders because of devoted customers.
  • (Thought:Who isn’t to say this event may lead to more comic shops closing & people lose an outlet to escape in comics in general)
  • That customers will end up so disillusioned leave comics for good, allowing Identity thieves of what used to be great comics to win.

Positives in this event:It’s not the end of the World, yet.

  • It gives comic customers incentives to explore different comic companies.
  • It will show Local Comic Stores, who their loyal customers are to still survive.
  • That the rest of the writers & comic creators who aren’t involved in DC/Marvel etc to have their materiel to be explored by the customer.
  • If the main Comic Companies do it right, make sure further comics aren’t spoiled before release date.

Are You Upset?

There is nothing wrong with being upset over this event, as it even had me hyped to learn what the conclusion would be in this issue.

Personally, I choose not to be upset at the Whole of DC, should you choose to, that is your choice, also remember what your choice of consequences might lead to, if you still really love & enjoy comics.

What I do choose to be upset about is with the New York Times & its failed leadership choice of the writer, I choose also to be upset with Tom King, whether his actions an words were genuine or a flagrant lie, his actions too has cost people money, should the prediction be right, personally hope I am wrong, on what could lead to more comic shops closing.

I will continue to collect the Mister Miracle run which is on my pull list & still enjoy, as I also choose forgive Tom King & won’t hold a grudge that will last forever.

This issue will be continued in The Jokers Wild.
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