Comic Review:Batman #50

The Wedding.

Wow, where to begin with this Milestone of issue 50 of Tom Kings Batman.

This story begins at Finger Tower where the Bat & the Cat kick butt against Kite Man, as they start to make arrangements to have the wedding, this particular night in the issue, as they both go to make arrangements from finding a Judge to the two witnesses they need.

As Selina picks Holly for her witness, Bruce in his heartwarming choice chooses Alfred.

The art in-between some of the panels is absolutely amazing by the various artists, an for issue 50, I got the Regular & Frank Cho Variant, which you see as my main Image.

whether or not you have read issue 50 of Batman by Tom King, the art in this alone is the biggest bonus, whether in single panel or poster like images.


Regular Cover:9/10
Frank Cho Covers(10/10)

Big thanks to my LCS & to Tom King & the Artists who worked on this at DC Comics.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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