Things Done Changed.

To start off this issue has 3 small stories in it, the 1st being Things Done Changed covering Damian, Red Arrow in What’s Beef? & Kid Flash in Going Back To Cali.

In this I will cover the 2nd & 3rd Story, leaving the Epilogue so you can spoil for yourself, as the 1st Story covers my favorite character Damian Wayne in DC Comics.

What’s Beef?

As this story begins we see Red Arrow falling out of a window onto the ground below her, which is closer to street level in her encounter which appears to be her mother in the issue, as we move into the next scenes, she finishes having a shower to get changed & to go out as she shares with us, of a mission she was involved in, as she manages to meet up again with her Mother at the event, I’ll leave it there for this story & work on the next.

Going Back To Cali.

In Kid Flash’s story we see him on a beach in California, as we hear his thoughts in the text, only to be interrupted to hear The Suicide Squad are doing harm to a complete young stranger, as he tries to intervene to help, basically to being pushed aside over what happens, to learn more go check out this issue at your LCS.



Big Thanks to my LCS & to Adam Glass of DC Comics.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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