Comic Review:Man Of Steel #5

Part 5.

As we begin issue 5 we see Superman taking Rogol Zaar in space an placing him onto the moon to fight.
As he fights him on the moon, we see alot of his thoughts in this time, which bring us back to the flashback to seeing his Dad, with Lois & Jon present.

The Dialogue in these scenes of the flashback lack some clarity, it is nice to see the return of Jor El in this series, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bendis brings Jor El to help his Son, Kal El against Rogol Zaar in the Last Issue of this series to help tie up loose ends & plot points in this, whether he has that planned or not, I have no idea, thats how I would want to end it.

Returning back to Metropolis we see the fire chief speaking to her staff to encounter the Justice League to help with the raging fires across the city.



Big Thanks to my LCS & to Brian Michael Bendis of DC Comics.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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