Comic Review:Man Of Steel #2

Part 2

We start with a Flashback in the past again as we see Lord Gandelo & Appa talking about the destruction of Krypton an Rogol Zaar is missing.

Moving into present day, we return to the Daily Planet to which we see Robinson Goode being a sticky nose & giving some flattering words to one of the employees, as she is trying to find out what has happened to Lois Lane as she is missing on staff, with the appearance of Jimmy Olsen in this & Perry White speaks to him, saying he too can’t have Lois office.

Moving into Coastal City, home of the Green lantern Hal Jordan, we see Superman take on the Toyman in one of his machines & captures him, Hal Jordan turns up an tries to invite Superman to have Dinner with him, only to have Superman turn it down, with Hal wondering, what the problem is.

We then see Bendis show us what happened with Superman in relation to Lois & Jon Samuel Kent, which only leaves more questions than answers & we see how upset he feels.

Not wanting to release any spoilers, the art stands out in each section & the story still has enough to keep coming until the end of the run.



Big Thanks to my LCS & to DC Comics.

Lets Keep It Colorful!



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