Comic Review: THE UNEXPECTED #1

Call Of The Unknown: Punch First pt1.

We begin this issue meeting the character of Firebrand who knocks our Croc in a bar, after that we then hear her backstory as to how they came to be this way.

Moving into the issue we meet the Villain of the story called Bad Samaritan who wants to steal something called the Conflict Engine from Firebrand, which seems to keep our character alive.

As Firebrand tries to defend herself from Bad Samaritan, we get our supporting cast of Neon The Unknown, Viking Judge & Ascendant to come to the rescue, upon trying to help her, the Hospital catches fire & the group of the Unexpected go out of there way to help save the Patients, whilst Bad Samaritan would rather let them burn & die, which shows how this villain has very little care for life.

I don’t want to cover too much or spoil it, should you be interested in it, go to your LCS.


Cover 1(Top):8/10
Cover 2(Mid):8.5/10
Cover 3(Bot):9/10

I certainly want to continue to follow this series, so big thanks to my LCS & the DC Staff who worked on this comic, you have me hooked enough to see how these characters will continue in further story arcs.

Lets Keep it Colorful!


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