Comic Review: Justice League #1 (LCS choice for review)

The Totality Part 1

With some big events this weekend, like E3 overseas & Queens Birthday weekend here in Australia, do you think you could spare some time to enjoy a comic review or too.

As we begin this issue of Justice League done by Scott Snyder, we are taken aback many thousands of years being shown as to what appears to be something comet-like, which is hurtling towards Earth, into the next splash page we get a wonderful picture of the Hall Of Justice & only so much open to the public.

We then move into separate scenes, showing many parts of the Justice League taking onĀ  some adversaries with quite a cast of characters & Martian Manhunter heading the team.

Moving into the next couple of Panels we see Vandal Savage speaking to his Neanderthal associates, only to be interrupted by Lex Luthor, we also get a little back history on the character of Martian Manhunter in this issue, which is really nice to see.

With the appearance of John Stewart of the Green Lanterns we see him prepared for whatever is coming, The Justice League finish up a conversation & we finally see the emergence of the Legion Of Doom.
Thats enough for now, I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, should it spark your interest, go grab it at your Local Comic Store.



A Big Thanks to my LCS who chose this for me to review & to DC’s Scott Snyder for his story.

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