Comic Review: Super Sons/Dynomutt Special #1

The Dog Knight

Wow, to start off, I really enjoyed this crossover, with the Super Sons/Dynomutt, with Peter Tomasi, writing the story for this, shows what a credit he is to DC Comics.
In the beginning we get a story origin around Blue Falcon & Dynomutt, an moving into a situation to which we see Jon Kent(Superboy) feeling uncomfortable at a funeral of a person, he didn’t really know that well, as he goes outside to cool off, he meets up with Damian Wayne (Robin), to which they are talking for a little while only to be interrupted by Dynomutt who has been damaged, going out of their way they go take Dynomutt back to his HQ to get him repaired.
The way this story deals with some life issues comes across as beautiful as the story & it stands out from the rest of the Hanna- Barbera/DC crossovers definitely my favorite.
I won’t give away any spoilers, this one is worth it.



Big Thanks to my LCS & to DC Comics.

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