Comic Review: No gods. No Dungeon Masters.

A little Political Humor.

With a small reference to Marx & Emma Goldman within this comic, the writer takes you through a journey in the eyes of an Anarchist.
This comic isn’t very big in size page wise, it does give some perspective as to how the anarchist views the world they live in.
Both Author & Artist condone the act of violence even though violence is shown in the comic by destruction of property, guess that would also include this comic book too.
With a sub-array of words used in it as well, to addressing political issues, then combining it with some of the traits seen within the game of Dungeons & Dragons.

I won’t spoil the comic, if your interested in it, go to your Local Comic Store to see if they can get it in for you.


Story:7.5/10 (The Dialogue could’ve appeared more clearly within it)

Big Thanks to my LCS for having it on display.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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