Comic Review: The Flash #45

After The Storm.

Entering the beginning of the issue we see Central City in desolation after the last issue.

With the help of the speedster in The Flash they help repair the city.
Moving into the serious part where Meena & Barry are speaking in Iron Heights on the topic of the Speedforce & to whether it is Dangerous or not, because of knowledge on it to the topic of controlling it should be central.
The story appears be taking its time to bring it into the FlashWar Arc, which looks like a good idea.
With a small appearance by Damian Wayne(Robin) my fave, we see a small conversation between Kid Flash seeing that they can sense tension in the air.

With the Flash reveal in the issue, Wally West makes an appearance, an the art in this shows you how he feels.

To read the rest of the spoilers, go collect it at your Local Comic Store.

Big Thanks to DC & my LCS

Comic Rating Overall:


Lets Keep It Colorful


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