Comic Review: Mera:Queen Of Atlantis #3

The Enemy Of My Enemy.

Dan Abnett in this issue, delivers a stunning story of Duty, Family & Working together.

In the beginning of the issue we get a flashback of Mera’s Past & Upbringing as she served under her Dad, to even learning by herself to question certain orders, that put other people in Danger.

The art & cover for this issue is amazing, some little areas that could be fixed up around Orm & Tommy.

As you approach the middle of the story, we see Mera & Orm going into the sea working together and subduing foes, until you reach the end of the comic, to which I won’t give away any spoilers.

Overall enjoyed the heartwarming story in this, which certainly shows Mera is a Tsunami in this 6 issue series & Arthur Aquaman of the main series reminds me of a River from the mainland coming into the sea.

Rating Time.

  • Cover:9/10
  • Art:8.5/10
  • Story:8/10

Big Thanks to My LCS & DC Comics

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