Comic Review: Moon Knight #194

Origin Of Moon Knight arc.

Starting off in the issue we see Marc Spector in Discussion either with a friend/counselor beginning his story on his background, we see Marc in his youth, in the following pages, discussing his Jewish upbringing, to learning about the Holocaust from his Dad, we are then introduced to someone who he once considered uncle-like called Yitz.

Max Bemis, must have done a little bit of research on this next part of a topic I’m about to cover which spoiler is in the story, of someone who agreed with the Nazis view, an to make passage to America in the appearance of a Rabbi whom Marc Spectors Granddad knew, an pretended to be Jewish.

Personal note:I do remember seeing on one of the Jewish News websites, that there were Nazis, who also pretended to be Jews, using Immigration including Illegal Immigration to escape from the Allies in WW2 who would also hunt for Nazi War Criminals.

As we go towards the end of the comic, we see Marc Spector in panels of how the family is the center of his life.

Now it’s time for it to be Rated:


Big Thanks to the Local Comic Store I got this at & to Max Bemis.

Lets Keep It Colourful.


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